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Why You Should Invest in Turn Key Real Estate with AWB

Posted by awbinc on 05/03/2015
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Investing in Turnkey Real Estate with Alliance Wealth Builders is the best model for investors who want high cash flow, knowledgable partners, and superior customer service.In a society that’s on-the-go around the clock, your time is becoming increasingly valuable.  As a busy investor, you have decided that real estate investment is right for you, but will you have the time to acquire property, renovate that property, find tenants, and manage the property, especially if you are investing in a location miles from where you live?  If you answered no to this question, don’t give up on your goal of investing in real estate.  Instead, consider investing with Alliance Wealth Builders, which uses a turn key real estate model.  If you are ready to invest in rental properties, here are three reasons why Alliance Wealth Builders’s turn key real estate model is right for you.

1. Alliance Wealth Builders makes the process simple and hassle-free.

Their turn key model simplifies real estate investment, making it easy and worry-free.  By acquiring and renovating property, they save you time and money.  Alliance Wealth Builder’s staff works with an extensive network of real estate agents, banks, and other private real estate providers to locate the best investment properties in Alabama.  Once acquisition of property is complete, they begin the process of professionally renovating the property to the highest industry standards, so you don’t have to.  They offer their renovated properties on a “pre-sale” basis which speeds up the closing process, quickly generating a positive cash flow for investors.  Alliance Wealth Builders also walks their investors through the closing process, going above and beyond by coordinating and tracking the closing process with all parties.

2.  Alliance Wealth Builders delivers superior customer service.

At Alliance Wealth Builders, they view their investors as not just investing in property but also investing in a relationship.  They don’t just sell you the property then walk away, leaving you to fend for yourself.  Alliance Wealth Builders develops a long-term partnership with their investors that provides tenant placement and ongoing property management.  Knowing that Alliance Wealth Builders is actively pursuing qualified tenants to rent your property provides you with a peace of mind.  They also provide the following comprehensive management services to their clients:  tenant screening, tenant placement, monthly payment tracking and processing, monthly client statements, ongoing property maintenance, and monthly income forwarding.  They remove the hassle of dealing with the day-to-day worries that plague investors who choose to eschew turn key real estate.

3.  Alliance Wealth Builders delivers a professional, knowledgeable partner, who cares about the community in which they invest.

The staff at Alliance Wealth Builders has a strong foundation of real estate knowledge and training.  Their focus is on providing solutions for their clients and on finding value for their investors.  They are connected to a network of seasoned, successful investors that provide continual support.  They are also intimately familiar with the neighborhoods where they invest. Alliance Wealth Builders’s grand vision is to improve the overall quality of living in both urban and suburban neighborhoods by renovating distressed homes in stable areas.  They are committed to increasing the value of real estate in their community while also offering investors properties that become high cash flow rental properties.  Alliance Wealth Builders’s turn key real estate investment model is the ideal solution for real estate investors who are looking for high cash flow, knowledgable partners, and superior customer service.

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