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Simplifying the Process of Rental Property Renovation

Posted by awbinc on 06/02/2015
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Rental property renovation simplified - alliancewealthbuilders.comFor investors seeking to invest in rental property, one of the largest undertakings is renovating the property.  Does the roofing need to be replaced?  Is the current bathroom adequate or would renovations increase the value?  Should you hire someone or attempt the job yourself?  These are questions that face busy investors looking to rehab a rental property, unless those investors are investing with Alliance Wealth Builders.

Alliance Wealth Builders professionally renovates each house, saving clients time and money and allowing investors to see a profit from rental investments much more quickly.  While Alliance Wealth Builders handles many smaller details involved in renovating property, they also handle the “big four,” those renovations that can prove to be both time-consuming and costly.

1.  Plumbing Renovation

Alliance Wealth Builders ensures that all plumbing meets the highest industry standard.  Older homes and older pipes can sometimes create trouble, but at Alliance Wealth Builders, they make sure all pipes, drains, toilets, and showers are in excellent working order, even replacing plumbing if necessary.  This saves your tenants an angry, annoying late-night phone call to report that a pipe has burst.

2.  Electrical Renovation

Good wiring is critical to ensuring both modern convenience and safety.  In older homes, especially those that have stood uninhabited, mice can chew through wiring, which might go undetected to a novice investor acting as renovator.  Alliance Wealth Builders ensures the electrical wiring meets all state, federal, and local codes.  It is professionally inspected and even replaced if found to be faulty.

3.  Roofing Renovation

Few things lessen the curb appeal of a home more than a faded, neglected roof.  Good roofing is also crucial for ensuring the energy efficiency of your home.  Improperly insulated or worn roofing can increase heating and cooling bills.  Leaky roofs can wreak havoc on flooring and walls.  Clearly, a good roof is essential for a successful rental property.  Alliance Wealth Builders makes sure the roofing of all their properties exceeds industry standards.  If it isn’t in excellent condition, they will replace it with roofing that is.

4.  HVAC Renovation

Alliance Wealth Builders also takes care of inspecting each home’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC).  Proper HVAC maintenance is crucial for ensuring the good air-quality and comfort in the home.  It is essential to keeping annoying and even toxic substances out of your air.  Pollen, dust, airborne bacteria, and carbon dioxide are some of the pollutants that a properly working HVAC can remove from the air in your rental property.  Alliance Wealth Builders inspects, repairs, or replaces the HVAC unit in each of its rental properties, so you can rest assured that your tenants are living in energy-efficient properties with proper air quality and comfort.

Alliance Wealth Builders is dedicated to providing investors with the highest quality renovations in the industry.  Not only do they strive for quality, they also strive for efficiency.  Renovations usually begin the day after a property is purchased.  Alliance Wealth Builders hires the best professional contractors and closely monitors the progress to make sure that renovation guidelines are met and the project stays within budget.  Why take on the hassle of renovating property yourself, risking costly, unexpected repairs?  Investing in Alliance Wealth Builders ensures busy investors receive the high-quality renovations they desire without all the inconvenience.



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