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Real Estate Offers Steady, Substantial Return on Investment

Posted by awbinc on 06/02/2015
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When looking for an investment strategy, you want something that is simple and hassle-free, but most importantly, you want something that’s going to provide a profitable return on investment (ROI).  Here is where investing in real estate rental property shines.  Investing in a rental property with Alliance Wealth Builders can provide a substantial ROI for investors, allowing you to save for retirement, pay for college, or buy that vacation home you’ve always wanted.

A considerable, steady return on investment is essential to making real estate investing worthwhile.  Like most investors, you want to see actual numbers, so let’s examine some real scenarios and see how your initial investment can return a 9-11% profit each year.

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Here’s what could happen if you invested $74,900 in a single family rental property: In just two years, you can see a 10% return on your investment.  What’s more impressive is that number isn’t a fluctuating percentage that rises and falls with the whims of a stock market. That’s a steady, reliable source of extra income each month.

Then look at the possibility if you decided to invest a little more in a multi-family property.  The middle column of the chart represents a possible ROI for an investment of $99,9000.

Look at what could happen if you decided to invest a larger amount:  $430,000.  While it’s a substantially larger investment, notice that the percent of return also increases.

As you can see, investing in rental property with Alliance Wealth Builders offers an immediate, steady, and consistent cash flow that provides you with the capital to fulfill your dreams.  With a 9-11% return on your investment, you no longer have to dream about that vacation home or early retirement, you can make it happen.

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