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Real Estate Investing: How to Get Started

Posted by awbinc on 03/26/2015
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Getting started in real estate investing: a step by step guide by

You’re thinking about investing in real estate, but you aren’t sure where to get started or how the process works. Questions abound:   Will real estate investment be too time consuming to actually reap any tangible reward?  Is the process complicated and drawn out?  Will I need to be on-site to complete paper work for the purchase and closing?  How will the property be managed, especially if I live out of town?  At first glance, real estate investing can seem intimidating and overwhelming, but our turn-key real estate investment process offers ease of mind by providing a step-by-step process that ensures a positive investment experience, whether you’re an experienced pro or a first-time investor.

Step One:  We help you evaluate your real estate investing goals and develop an individualized property investment plan.

The process begins with a phone call to one of our experienced team members, where we will discuss your short and long-term investment goals then our team will seek rental properties that fit your specific objectives.  What sort of things should you be prepared to discuss?  Cash flow, amount you wish to invest, amount of return to be expected, and the type of rental properties available.

Step Two:  You choose from among our wide variety of properties, find the one that fits your property investment goals then sign a contract.

Once we better understand your real estate investment intentions, we work with you to choose properties that meet these goals.  We offer a variety of properties, making it easy to find one that fits your specific property investment objectives.  Once you choose a property, you may be wondering if you then have to go through the tedious process of having it renovated before it can be offered to prospective renters.  We ensure that all of our properties are professionally renovated to meet industry standards, removing one more concern from our investors’ minds.

Step Three:  The property is inspected and payment arrangements are made.

With our hassle-free process, the buyer can complete the entire process off-site.  By offering our properties on a pre-sale basis, we can typically speed up the closing process and quickly generate positive cash flow for investors, shortly after the renovation phase is complete.

Real estate properties may be purchased using cash, but for those wishing to finance, through our key relationships we’ve developed with mortgage companies and private lenders, we can offer assistance by providing contacts to lenders who are willing to assist in structuring investment purchases for our clients.  Our goal is to make the buying process simple and hassle free, so we coordinate and track the closing process with all parties to ensure the closing is handled accurately and on time.

Step Four:  All paperwork is filed and signed and the closing is completed.  The entire process can conveniently be completed off-site.

After all the proper paper work is filed, financing arrangements are finalized, and the property is ready to close, the closing packet is sent by email or overnight delivery to the client.  Our investors are able to notarize documents conveniently in their own town and return the closing packet by mail.  Congratulations, you are now on your way to earning income from your new real estate investment.

Step Five:  The property management agreement is signed and the investor can now begin collecting monthly rent payments.

Perhaps, one final question forms:  now what?  Alliance Wealth Builders provides yet another service to make the investing process easier for our clients:  property management.  We offer comprehensive property management services to our clients, including tenant screening, tenant placement, monthly payment tracking and processing, monthly client statements, ongoing property maintenance, and monthly income forwarding.  We handle the heavy-lifting leaving you free to dream big, using your investment income to bring future goals to fruition.

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