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Property Management Provides a Critical Link to Successful Investing

Posted by awbinc on 05/09/2015
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A good property management team is critical to your real estate investing success.You’ve taken the exciting step of investing in a rental property, including tackling each step in the process of securing your ideal property, now what?  For your investment to be a successful one, you will need someone to rent your property, but where to begin?  Do you advertise on Craigslist?  Put fliers on bulletin boards?  Once you’ve rented your property, how will you handle the day-to-day tasks of property maintenance in addition to your busy schedule of work, family, and recreation?  What if you live in another state but have invested in property in the Birmingham area?  Questions abound, and you’re too busy to adequately deal with all of the small daily issues that can quickly become overwhelming hassles.  If you invested with Alliance Wealth Builders, these questions quickly become solutions as they handle all of the day-to-day aspects of property management for you.  Alliance Wealth Builders’s property managers provide an important link in ensuring you reap the most financial benefit from your investment.  Here’s why they are such a critical partner:

1.  Alliance Wealth Builders offers both tenant screening and tenant placement.

Through their sister company REI Management Services, LLC, Alliance Wealth Builders provides the important service of finding and placing quality tenants into their investor’s properties.  Through their many channels of communication, they advertise properties to potential tenants, but they don’t stop there.  Alliance Wealth Builders also screens tenants by providing a professional screening service that adds an extra layer of insurance, giving their investors additional peace of mind.  Having individuals who are willing to rent your property is critical to making money as an investor, but often, investors have no idea how to attract tenants.  Alliance Wealth Builders handles this intimidating, often overwhelming task for you.

2.  Alliance Wealth Builders furnishes monthly payment tracking and processing and monthly income forwarding.

Paperwork isn’t something that excites most of us, and there is a lot of paperwork and organization involved in maintaining accurate records.  Just the responsibility of billing and collecting rent, handling tenant applications, and tracking who has and hasn’t paid rent can take hours out of a schedule that is already full.  Alliance Wealth Builders handles the paper and other small nuisances necessary to becoming a successful investor.  Imagine knowing that each month, all you have to do is check the mail for your investment check while Alliance Wealth Builders handles all the hassles for you.

3.  Alliance Wealth Builders provides on-going property maintenance.

When there is a leak at one of your properties at 2 am, guess who receives that call when you handle all of your properties without a property management partner?  Guess who handles those late-night, early afternoon, and middle-of-the-day-calls when you decide to partner with Alliance Wealth Builders?  Allowing Alliance Wealth Builders to handle on-going property maintenance issues saves you time and money.  When a local property management firm is ensuring that filters are changed, routine maintenance is being performed, and tenants are aware of the little checks they can perform on a weekly or monthly basis, this aids in preventing big problems down the line.  Alliance Wealth Builders provides around the clock availability, so you don’t have to.  They operate their property management business with the same integrity and goals as their investment company: to build lasting relationships with their investors. Because they take great pride in each of their investment properties, they understand offering ongoing property management not only adds value for their clients but also provides clients with the comfort of knowing they stand behind their product. Alliance Wealth Builders’s property management service provides the critical link to successful investing.

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