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About AWB

3528460-miniature-house-and-money-buying-house-conceptAlliance Wealth Builders, Inc. specializes in helping individual and institutional investors from around the world purchase turn key, cash producing real estate in the greater Birmingham, Alabama area, and other key markets in the State of Alabama. Alliance Wealth Builders, Inc. investment properties are truly “Turn-Key” and professionally managed. We offer our clients the best real estate investment services; centered around the goal of providing the most dependable and profitable real estate investments available.

Investing in Birmingham, Alabama real estate, as well as other key real estate markets in the State of Alabama from any location is now easier and more affordable than ever before.  We have the most effective Turn-key real estate investment solutions, structured to maximize your monthly cash flows and long term equity.

Benefits of Working With Alliance Wealth Builders, Inc.

  • Average NET monthly cash flow of $250 – $350
  • Dependable Income and ROI’s
  • Access to undervalued properties sources
  • Professionally renovated homes
  • Superior customer service
  • Dependable and professional property management
  • Access to continuous real estate education programs
  • Affiliation with national leaders in the real estate field
  • Tax free or tax deferred investment options

IMAGE_9_BUSINESS PLANNINGAccess To The Best Specialists In The Real Estate Industry

We work closely with a network of real estate professionals in order to provide you with access to the best-of-the-best in the industry.  To assist you in the home buying process, we often leverage our close relationships in order to meet your needs.  Our network includes real estate agents, mortgage brokers and other lenders, contractors, attorneys, title companies, and many more.

Additionally, one of the major benefits of working with Alliance Wealth Builders is our network of national investors and real estate educators. We network and mastermind with some of the top names in the real estate investment industry. By working with us, you also gain access to our extensive network of real estate experts and up to date real estate investing strategies.

Our Commitment to Superior Client Service

Alliance Wealth Builders has committed the entire staff to providing the BEST customer service experience possible for each of our clients.  That customer service experience begins the first time a client registers for a product, information, or service, and continues for as long as the client is using the services of Alliance Wealth Builders, Inc.

Long after the transaction is complete, we will continue to reach out to each of our clients and provide an outstanding investment experience.  By focusing on customer service and providing true VALUE ADD services, Alliance Wealth Builders is rapidly becoming a market leader and superior service provider for real estate investors looking to invest in the State of Alabama.

Alliance Wealth Builders works with each real estate investor to ensure you are aware of all aspects of the real estate investment process, and the financing options available to purchase investment property through us; such as using your Self-directed IRA, Personal Investment Accounts, or Trust accounts.

mail-1102039-m To learn more about Alliance Wealth Builders, Inc and our real estate investing services,contact us to schedule a FREE consultation.

You’ll also receive a FREE copy of our brochure “How to Invest in the Real Estate Market”, just for contacting us!